Eliminate the expense and effort of integrating separate laser source and scanning head

Novanta makes integrating core laser processing equipment into converting, packaging, and label making machines and systems faster and easier with a factory-aligned laser sub-system. For OEMs and system architects, eliminating the complexity of integrating complex and highly sensitive components from multiple suppliers saves significant time and resources, without sacrificing performance. 


The Elephant 400 Watt sub-system is ideal for converting applications, capable of performing multiple processes and often in a single pass. Operators can cut, perforate, score, and drill over a wide field size on a broad range of material with digital precision. The Elephant sub-system is digitally controlled making template changes faster and easier, significantly reducing downtimes associated with changeovers and start-ups. 

Key Specifications

i401 Laser

Elephant 3-Axis Scan Head

Field Sizes


Fast throughput, higher yields

The i401 is a powerful CO2 laser suitable for a wide range of

materials and precision processes including cutting, drilling,

perforating, and scoring. Optimal performance is assured

with status monitoring using a standard web browser and

field replaceable RF modules.

Wide area and dimensional shape coverage

The Elephant scan head is a fully customizable solution to

fit your exact needs. Wide range of working field sizes and

processing distances without altering the size of the scan

head. High-dynamic focus shifting, allowing economical

and precise processing of 3-dimensional parts, without

changing the position of the part or the scan head.

Easy control & integration

Novanta’s ScanMaster solution enables you to optimize

laser control and scanning performance, while providing

easy integration with an OEM’s system. Proprietary

algorithms and predictive controls increase scanning

performance for the most demanding applications.

ScanMaster Designer software features a powerful package

of designer tools that conveniently supports all standard file


One source, one solution

The entire subsystem is provided by, supported, and

serviced by Novanta, eliminating supplier crosstalk that

puts OEMs in the middle, and alone to solve component

incompatibility challenges.