Tailored laser and beam delivery solutions for OEMs and system architects

Our Capabilities

Novanta saves OEMs and equipment architects significant development time and resources when building new or updating existing equipment with laser-based diagnostic, analytical, micromachining, and fine material processing capabilities.

We design and manufacture complementary laser sources, beam delivery systems and operational software with proven, in-field reliability track records.

We collaborate engineer-to-engineer with OEMs and system architects and deliver seamless sub-systems for mission-critical operations.

We offer a unique skill set to engineer and manufacture purpose-built laser sub-systems that include the key components and operating platform, eliminating the time and effort associated with sourcing individual pieces and integrating them into a unified sub-system.

We are a trusted technology partner to medical and advanced industrial OEMs and system architects, with deep proprietary expertise in photonics, vision and precision motion technologies.

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