ASC & InScript System Controller Solution

ASC & InScript System Controller Solutions provide powerful synchronization performance for laser systems, compatible with all ARGES scan heads, lasers and sub-systems.

About ASC & InScript System Controllers

Powerful laser controller and software solution featuring more control, features and performance for application-specific jobs. Novanta’s solution incorporates proprietary algorithms to deliver precision and optimization in laser processing.

The ASC controller and InScript software solution for our ARGES scan heads features powerful synchronization tools. These tools are able to enhance laser system performance. Features include real-time control signals, remote diagnostics and administration, and high accuracy and throughput for demanding applications. This laser controller solution empowers users with more control and flexibility to optimize their laser system.

Compatible with our ARGES scan heads, ASC is the central device in a laser system, controlling scan heads, lasers, sensors, actuators, and other peripherals. The ASC, HSSI series uses the High-Speed Serial Interface (HSSI) data protocol for scan head communication. A combination of highly configurable interfaces and processing units responds in real-time to external signals. In this manner the ASC controller guarantees an optimized synchronization of all devices and signals, which is important in laser systems.

The Controller products include both hardware and software.  The ASC & inScript System controller solutions include the System Controller HSSI Series and the System Controller ARGNET Series.