Femtosecond laser system developed in cooperation with TOPTICA Photonics AG specifically for Ophthalmologic applications.

ARTOS is a unique, high precision medical laser system from Novanta that combines an ultra-short pulse femtosecond fiber laser, pivot scan head, digital controller, software, and monitoring camera system developed explicitly for the ophthalmologic market. Designed as a 2-in-1 system to treat cataract and refractive ametropia by simultaneously performing high precision ophthalmologic cuts and selectively fragment components of the human eye such as the lens.


The ARTOS 2-in-1 system enables Ophthalmologists to perform multiple, high-precision procedures with a single piece of equipment and improve patient outcomes.


Unique features:

  • Ultra short pulse laser at center wavelength of 1030 nm
  • Laser head in combination with 19″ controller rack
  • Tunable pulse repetition rate
  • Compatible with pivot scanner and optical stage
  • Pulse energy monitoring with integrated energy monitor and safety shutter
  • Controller software simultaneously actuates the scanner and laser system
  • Available as single pulse and pulse burst modes
  • Live view during application process
ARTOS 2-in-1 System

ARTOS Femtosecond Laser
Medical air-cooled femtosecond laser designed in cooperation with TOPTICA with 2 Watts optical power, a central wavelength of 1030 nm, pulse on demand (POD) control, and an integrated energy monitor with safety laser shutter unit.


Pivot Scan Block
Virtual single point deflection (pivot scanning) for highest optical performance and exceptional precision with heavy duty linear axis and galvo-motor drive for high rms-current.


Energy Monitor Block
Recognition of continuous wave, dark pulse, scattered light, pre/post lasing and performance fluctuations. Dynamic area 10 nJ – 20 μJ with single pulse energy measurement up to 2 MHz.


Live Vision Camera
Features motorized focus adjustment and optical design matched to cutting lens for high image quality.


Laser Controller & Software
ASC laser controller and Inscript software actuate the scanner and laser system simultaneously, and includes single pulse mode and burst pulse mode feature.


 Key Specifications


Highly Precise Laser Cuts

Outstanding laser beam quality with nearly perfect circular beam shape combined with adaptable pulse duration delivers a clean cut in all directions.

M2: 1.09

Astigmatism: 1.3%

Asymmetry: 1.01

High Speed for Lower Procedure Time

Optimized scanner speed profile with 8 ns synchronization of laser and scanner coupled with variable repetition rate controlling each lase pulse for even power distribution yields fast cutting speeds.

Spiral Cutting Test Results


Improved Accuracy

When moving in a spiral path a current laser system with constant path speed and constant laser repetition rate yields burning at the center due to scanner mirror acceleration and decreasing laser spot spacing as the path gets smaller. ARTOS laser repetition rate is continuously swept to match the scanner speed, and the PoD (Pulse On Demand) enables precise positioning of each laser spot, delivering a smooth even cut with no burning effect.

Rainbow Glare Suppression

ARTOS reduces the rainbow glare effect from flap cuts through PoD control of every single laser pulse with the ability to add controlled noise on pattern to suppress diffraction effects.