High Harmonic Generation

CEP stable pulses drive a high order harmonic generation process, resulting in the emission of a shot to shot in phase attosecond pulse train

About High Harmonic Generation

High Harmonic Generation (HHG) is a process used to generate short wavelength (typically < 100 nm) light by focusing intense short laser pulses in the NIR into typically a gas from a gas jet inside a vacuum chamber. Using CEP stable pulses driving the high order harmonic generation process results in the emission of a shot to shot in phase attosecond pulse train.


The CEP dependent effects become more pronounced the shorter the driving pulse, where using a few cycle CEP stable driving pulse is able to generate an isolated attosecond pulse. Whether a single or double attosecond pulse is generated per driving pulse depends on the CEP phase of the few cycle driving pulse (cos-like or sine-like shape). Novanta’s offering can aid results by offering:


  • For measurements depending on good statistics, the MHz high repetition rate enables much faster data acquisition using the customers HHG setup, using CEP stabilized driving pulses when needed
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