Firefly 3D

Designed to be used in the heart of Laser Powder Based Fusion (LPBF) machines, Firefly 3D is Novanta’s latest generation of high performance laser beam steering solutions. Firefly 3D focuses on the fundamentals of the Additive Manufacturing (AM) process and delivers precision, high performance and versatility.

Firefly 3D

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Engineered by our Cambridge Technology and ARGES brand, Firefly 3D is Novanta’s next generation 3-axis scan head designed for Laser Powder Based Fusion (LPBF) machines in additive manufacturing applications. The Firefly 3D is  an enclosed, compact solution designed to boost performance in the product line thanks to multiheaded machine capability that can achieve up to 100% overlap. Incorporated within the design are features to simplify installation and operation including automated scan field calibration and advanced features such as precise monitoring of the additive manufacturing process.

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Increase productivity

Increase productivity

Easily add additional scan heads to your machine design to attain the benefits of multi-scanner architectures up to 100% field overlap. This enables various scan head configurations, like single, dual, quad and multi-row, boosting your machines’ productivity to mass produce high fidelity parts

Real time data synchronization

Real time data synchronization

Specifically designed with monitoring and control in mind, the Firefly 3D can monitor the process out of the box. Users can achieve more control thanks to our advanced processing tools, enabling real time changes to scanning operations.

More power and speed

More power and speed

Firefly 3D works seamlessly with our laser controller solution, ScanMaster Controller and Software to deliver unparalleled control over the process thanks to our proprietary, ScanPack and other powerful AM focused trajectory control algorithms.

High quality parts

High quality parts

Firefly 3D is built to deliver high fidelity quality parts thanks to our dedicated high fidelity optical process monitoring ports and high performance digital scanning architecture based on our Lightning™ II technology featuring 24-bit resolution.

Simplified integration

Simplified integration

Thanks to our enclosed solution, users can achieve faster installation with pre-programed configurations designed for your specific system.

Model Firefly 3D

1050 nm - 1090 nm

Laser Power

1100 W

Input Clear Aperture

20 mm

Laser Power / Process Monitoring

Laser Power Monitoring Port | Optional Power Sensor
Process Monitoring: 450 nm - 950 nm | 1200 nm - 2000 nm

Dimensions (L x W x H)

255 mm x 140mm x 290mm